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Motorpsycho – Barracuda

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Motorpsycho - «Barracuda» - cover - front  

Motorpsycho – Baracuda
Stickman Records

At least once a year these 3 Norwegian fellows put out a record. Last year it was the sweet melodic album 'Let them eat cake', great but a bit too soft for the rockfans. The promise of a rock 'n roll album made it all ok though. Barracuda, about the 12th masterpiece from Motorpsycho, rocks 30 minutes long. Seven songs, raw and bassy, kicking serious ass.

The opening track 'Heartbreaker', sets the tone, superbly followed by 'High time'. There's even an unofficial soundtrack from the movie 'Vanishing point', which typically ends with the crashsounds from the last moviescene. Motorpsycho will be touring Europe again, like always. And with every gig they will gain great numbers of fans. Like they did before, like always. Check out this band!

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Bob D