[record reviews: barracuda mini-lp]


Review of Barracuda taken from the
British e-zine
ORGAN, 2001-03-01.
English. Found at the organ site.
... in big parts identical with the rock sound review, so probably the same writer ...

Psychobable / Stickman

Just how cool are Motorpsycho! This time they're out their in the fuzzy acid lands somewhere around 1973 mixing up classic self indulgent Starfucker Rolling Stones with mean mean mean biker blues that you just don't mess with. Motorpsycho are way out beyond the imaginations of all those retro stoner bands, Queens Of The Stoneage would kill to be this cool. Motorpsycho are cooler than Steve McQueen in a black Mustang, they're the perfect hells Angels soundtrack, they should have been the ones at Altamont. For those of you familiar with the pure orgasmic quality of Motorpsycho, this time around they're over on their psychedelic hard rock trip rather than their Van Der Graaf Generator prog rock Mandrax Sunset Varions Part Three freak outs. They're The Brian Jonestown Massacre for those mean amphetamine fuelled moments when the red bats are flying at yout Simoan atterney, they're the blackest rebel motorcycle club out there, out on Motorpsycho's highway all the truck bark and there are indeed two ways on every road. Forget Orange Goblin, Nebula and all that lightweight stuff, this is the real shit and it's laced with X factor, just get it OK, THEN GET A 74 supercharged Dodge Charger to play it in — on 8 track cartridge natch.