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Motorrock again

Review of Barracuda taken from the
Norwegian e-zine
OSLOPULS, 2001-02-20.
English translation done by Roger Dalsaune.

Motorpsycho - «Barracuda» - cover - front  

(Stickman Records / Sony)
oslopuls rating: 4 of 6

Motorpsycho returns to their rock 'n' roll roots.

The Trondheim band Motorpsycho was recently awarded the "Alarm-award" for the best rockalbum for last year's "Let Them Eat Cake", even if that was an album that mostly explored new and exciting "pop grounds" for the band. Now on this (album) there are the songs that did not fit in on "... Cake". Seven hard rock tunes of vintage Motorpsycho class. Titles like Heartbreaker, Rattlesnake and Up 'Gainst The Wall (High Time) and guitarriffs and melodies make us believe that this is a nod to the old heroes of hard- and psychedelic rock. At the same time the band is creative enough to make exciting music out of it.
PS! Includes at least one future Motorpsycho classic.

Climax: "Dr. Hoffmann's Bicycle".

Robert Gjestad