[record reviews: barracuda mini-lp]

Motorpsycho - Barracuda

Review of Barracuda taken from the
two-monthly Dutch weed magazine
English translation done by Barry Sprokkereef with the help of Vinnie and Graham.

Motorpsycho - Barracuda

Rock 'n Roll madness of stinkin' crusty underwear, screaming long haired rabble, monstermachine, steamrollin' along, in a alcohol fuelled pink-elephant-delerium, oozes out of every pore of this new left- over CD.
Recorded at the times of the "Let them eat cake" sessions, it was deemed too much "rock" by the norwegiam band, and therefore with held this CD wich is finally released.
About time, as most of the tracks especially ones like Glow make the ideal soundtrack to a spring/summer of rampent shagging, drunken debauchery and bestial blowin' then ever before!

Arjan Van Sorge