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Motorpsycho - Barracuda

Review of Barracuda taken from the
Canadian e-zine
STONERROCK.COM, 2001-04-18.
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Motorpsycho - Barracuda
Review by: hogfeldt (StonerRock.com)
Stickman Records (Scandinavian Distro: MNW/HOK)
Release Date: OUT NOW

You never quite know what to expect from Motorpsycho, theyīre not afraid to release stuff thatīs really out there, both with Motorpsycho and in various sideprojects. I think "Barracuda" will go over well among the stonerrock fans... that is if you donīt mind that theyīve added stuff like horns and such to their heavy grooves...

"Heartbreaker" opens up with a cool bass-riff that instantly made me know that I would like this tune... and like it, i did... it has a great 70īs hard rock groove mixed up with a little Motor City vibes... and, yes, horns... which I usually donīt like that much, but this tune smokes...

"Up 'Gainst The Wall (High Time)" have the same kinda slightly softer 70īs sound as fellow Norwegians Euro Boys... 70īs (soft) heavy rock (?) with a pop groove and some great fuzz-drenched solos...

"Star Star Star" starts out with a horn intro... from then one it getīs a groove going that reminds me a lot of Creedence Clearwater Revival... this tune also had something that made me think 'bout Primal Scream... but mainly it sounds like Creedence with a horn section, and since Iīm a huge Creedence fan I really dug this tune...

"Vanishing Point" starts with the sound of a souped-up V8 engine... I guess itīs yet another tune inspired by the cult-movie with the same name... if you havenīt seen that flick and like great car chase movies... you should really track it down, itīs a good one... and so is the tune...

"Rattlesnake" also starts out with a killer fuzz-drenched bass-riff. When the guitars kicks in it kinda reminds me of the heavy blues rock groove that Five Horse Johnson have mastered to perfection...

"Dr. Hoffmanīs Bicycle" sounds a lot like The Soundtrack Of Our Lives in the intro, after that it kinda steers away from that sound a bit... itīs a softer tune with something of a indiepop vibe... not bad, but I like Motorpsycho better when they really get the groove goinī...

"Glow" are the most tripped out of the tunes on "Barracuda", starts out with some nice acid guitars... another tune that takes most of itīs inspirations from the 70īs... about 2.40 into the song thereīs a weird break followed by a tripped out crescendo... then the tune gets back on track again, but this time with even more psychedelic vibes... great tripped out tune to close the album with...

"Barracuda" is available on both CD and Vinyl as most other Motorpsycho releases... if you canīt find it in your local record-store you can buy it direct from Stickman Records (link below)... Thereīs plenty of goodies in the Stickman store... lotsa Motorpsycho releases and also a few from my favorite Dutch band... 35007...

1. Heartbreaker
2. Up 'Gainst The Wall (High Time)
3. Star Star Star
4. Vanishing Point
5. Rattlesnake
6. Dr. Hoffmannīs Bicycle
7. Glow