[record reviews: barracuda mini-lp]

Motorpsycho: «Barracuda»

Review of Barracuda taken from the
Norwegian newspaper
VG, 2001-02-28.
English translation done by Stig Aasheim.

Motorpsycho: «Barracuda»
(Stickman Records)

Rating: 5 of 6

The best band in the world has done it again. That's really all there is to say. Here are seven songs that didn't fit into the totality of the "popalbum" «Let Them Eat Cake».

Yes, it is way heavier, but all the seven songs could have been placed on any rock-album you wish and raised the quality of it.

The ball opens with «Heartbreaker» and a dirty bass that almost runs amuck during the song, and it sets the standard for the rest of the album; heavy retro-grooves delivered with everlasting dynamics and energy, and also a couple of grand hornarrangements. «Star star star» is a more succesful cross of rock and soul than the Stones ever managed to do, while «Dr. Hoffmann's Bicycle» gives psychedlic pop a well deserved renaissance.

These guys don't stop surprising me with their incredibly constant quality.

Stein Østbø