[record reviews: blissard]


Review of Blissard taken from the
Dutch magazine
OOR #5 / 1996.
English translation done by Paul Caspers.

Motorpsycho already made a name for themselves in the underground scene with Demon Box in 1993. With that cult classic the Norwegians served a solid stew of, among others, semi-accoustic psychadelica, screaming metal, folk and industrial noise. You could compare it to Big Black, Einstürzende Neubauten and Sebadoh. And lots of others. On their fourth album, Blissard, singer /bassist Bent Sæther's band has sworn off the marathon job, doesn't sound like Wagner with a fuzzguitar anymore, and «zapps» thru only a few musical channels. Trondheim's pride now solely concentrates on driven indierock. Motorpsycho now have two guitarists and present their vision in some songs on Blissard on Sonic Youth and Television. S.T.G. is an indierock sequel to David Crosby's Guinnevere and The Nerve Tattoo, with its violin, is pretty poppy. The slurring Greener, with its hypo- dermic tension and with guitarists Snah's vulnerable vocals, shows that also Motorpsycho in a fascinating way has to deal with a Slint-worm [1]. On the quiet part, there's the pleasant Man- mower, the tickling nonsense of True Middle, the soothing am- bient of Nathan Daniel's Tune from Hawaii and Fool's Gold. In this lo-fi material, Sæther presents himself with his accous- tic guitar in a basement in Neurenberg as a Scandinavian Lou Barlow. Not for a moment there is any engine trouble [2] throughout the record, so the conclusion is that Motorpsycho is still a delicious band.

René Megens