[record reviews: blissard]

Into the void we have to travel

Review of Blissard (with wrong title) taken from the
Swedish fanzine
English translation.

I've been asked earlier to check out the Norwegian band MOTORPSYCHO, but somehow I've never bothered to do so. Well, the same sound interesting enough, you might think that there will be an outburst of muscle punk in the same school as ZEKE or something, but there you're dead wrong. I'd like to say that they sound more like a mix between SAMIAM, DINOSAUR JR and POPSICLE, but a bit more experimental. It's a lot of noise but still very melodic, and it tickles nicely in my ear. Not at all what I'm used to get in the Birdnest packages... This band has been around for quite some time now, and you can really tell. They dare to push the envelope and it's very tight, groovy and it's performed with a lot of confidence. There are no direct hits that you discover right from the start, but it's still very good and that is usually a sign of this being something you can listen to for a long time. I'm sure I'll start to sing along soon, in about twenty more listenings or so, but I don't have time for that right now, there's a lot to be reviewed. The only thing that feels a bit off is that they seem to psych out a bit too much sometimes, but the road is still comfortable. You should get this, you get over 60 tasty minutes. Say hi from me...