[record reviews: blissard]


Review of Blissard taken from the
Italian stoner-rock e-zine
STONED GODS, February 2000.
English. Review found at the stoned gods-site.

Blissard - cover

Stickman Records, 2000

Do you think that Motorpsycho sound strange? This is one of their strangest album, a mix of alienate pop and heavy psychedelia, with noise incursions and good melodies. The best track probably is the long psychedelic adventure of Sonic Teenage Guinevere, ten minutes of sounds that start slowly with a cool riff that explodes in something stronger and more rhythmic, with a relaxed dreaming end.

Blissard - artwork  
Very good are also some psychedelic ballads as Greener or Manmower, or the nervous attack of Numbness, strange and aggressive but even melodic. There’s also space for some instrumental experiments as Nathan Daniel’s tune, by Sten, dedicated to the inventor of Danelectro and Silvertone guitars. In all the album you can find tons of unusual instruments such as oscillator, teremin, echoplex, taurus, etc., and all contributes to build an incredible wall of sounds that seems to be created in a galaxy far away, or probably in a parallel universe... I don’t know.. ‘into the void we have to travel...’