[record reviews: let them eat cake]

Let them Eat Cake

Review of Let Them Eat Cake taken from the
Dutch metal magazine
AARDSCHOK, February 2000.
English translation done by Riemke Zijlstra.

Motorpsycho: Let Them Eat Cake
Stickman / Sonic Rendezvous
Rating: 98 of 100

Motorpsycho's infinite quest for the meaning of music and musicians led us this time to the American Westcoast of the late 70's.
Not only in music the Norwegian trio reaches for the Beach Boys, The Byrds and Grateful Dead, but definitely also for the striking techniques of production of that time.
The arrangements with mellotron, horns, piano and strings demand a total different open production than a classical rock line-up.
As if Scott McKenzie himself was sitting behind the switches.
Motorpsycho left the harder work behind for this record and searched deep within themselves to find their limits in making music.
Folky guitarpop is being varieted with nearly Baccarach-arrangements and sort of Mercy-beat-choruses.
Still also this album seems to have plenty of Motorpsycho-excesses, this time you only have to listen a bit harder and a few times more, but they are defenitely on it.
For this period Bent Saether also succeeded more than enough.
An album with arrangement as the keyword.
With or without psychedelic strain.

René Vanes