[record reviews: let them eat cake]

Motorpsycho - Let Them Eat Cake

Review of Let Them Eat Cake taken from the
Christian fundamentalist two-weekly California-based US-magazine,
CHRISTIAN SPOTLIGHT #169 / April 2000.
English. Transcribed and sent in by Paul Caspers.
Have fun!

by our correspondant in Germany.
rating: 4 / 6
Christian content rating: 1 / 6

Consisting of mostly sweet-natured, 70s-inspired love songs, Norwegian Motorpsycho's fifth album makes for forty minutes of pleasant easy listening - quite unlike its terminally depressing predecessor Angels and Demons at Play (1998). The uniformly well-produced songs range from string-accompanied ballads with painfully out-of-key vocals and naive / nihilistic Pink Floyd-inspired flowerpop to shameless but charming Allman Brothers and Beach Boys rip-offs - and culminate into the hauntingly ethereal closing track, 30/30. The record apparantly is a smash hit in its home country, as well as in Germany and Holland.

From a Christian perspective, Motorpsycho has never been very kind-spirited towards our beliefs. One needs look no further than their debut album Demon Box (1993) to find evidence of dark and violent, if unconvincing, Satanist symbolism. Its successor Timothy's Monster (1995) shamelessly advocated substance abuse, whereas the band's previous album Angels and Demons at Play offers a ridiculous presentation of a battle between Good and Evil through a number of very ugly songs. Though far from the Church-burning activities of their fellow countrymen, the Norwegians again appear to be engaged in the equally dangerous programme of blatantly ridiculing our Lord Jesus and the Holy Church. Albeit seemingly limited to two songs - the tongue-in-cheekishly ironical but soulful rock song Walking With J. (for some reason they felt they had to abbreviate the obvious topic of the lyric) and the musically equally pleasant My Best Friend - the blasphemous content easily overshadows the rest of the material. Admittedly, Motorpsycho prove they are quite good at presenting their muscial material on record, but for Heaven's sake let them grow up and abandon this petty anti-Christ parade.