[record reviews: let them eat cake]

"Let Them Eat Cake"

Review of Let Them Eat Cake taken from the
British [???] magazine
CLASSIC ROCK #15 / 2000.
English. Transcribed by Ove Wiksten.

"Let Them Eat Cake"
(Stickman Psychobabble 023)
Rating: 4 (out of 5)

So the enigmatic Motorpsycho are at it again. My last brush with this lot was a couple of years ago when «Trust Us» proved to be one of the most interesting things I’d heard in a long time. A penchant for peculiar instrumentation - a reindeer antler seemed to figure in one of their more unusual compositions - and an apparent love of Led Zep appealed immediately.

Now, with «Let Them Eat Cake» they seem to be taking even more creative risks with these softer, sweetly orchestrated songs. Apparently only half the songs recorded made it on to this album with the harder, rockier tracks being saved for a companion volume later this year.

Not that this bunch of tunes are wimpy or weak, far from it. It’s just that they have a more whimsical almost psychedelic pop feel to them, what with their Beatles-y harmonies and quirky melodic charm. Whether it’s the lush orchestration of opener «The Other Fool», the layered vocal brilliance of «Big Surprise» or the funkier, chunkier swagger of «Walkin’ With J.», the songs will appeal to anyone with a love of early 70s pop rock and an ear for the weird.

Now, let’s see what this hotly tipped follow-up is like.

Essi Berelian