[record reviews: let them eat cake]

From noise and darkness - into sun and joy

Review of Let Them Eat Cake taken from the
Norwegian newspaper
English translation done by Kristian Singstad Palshaugen.

"Let them Eat Cake"
Rating: RRRRR (5 out of 6 R's)

Shock isn't the right word, because nothing is shocking when it comes to Motorpsycho - no matter what they do and in what direction they're headed. And that is precisely why you fall in love with this band, a band that does whatever it wants, no matter what anyone says.

"Let Them Eat Cake" shows a new, but not at all surprising side of these three innovative gentlemen from Trondheim. Now They've ended up as far into pop as they can go without a safety net. The long, noisy, hypnotic songs are gone. instead they give us a handful of catchy pop tunes with huge string arrangements, tightly edited and with short playing time (!?). The album consists of nine tracks at a total of approx. 45 min, and that is highly unusual for being Motorpsycho.

I don't think the dedicated fans will have a problem with that, but some people will have a hard time coming to terms with the musical "transformation" they've been through. But there haven't really been any transformation. Personally, I have never regard Motorpsycho as not easily accessible, because all this sweet pop has always been present in their seemingly impenetrable jungel. "Let Them Eat Cake" is just a natural side of Motorpsycho, and therefore I find it easy both to accept it and to like it a lot.

Motorpsychos great ability to be themselves and play whatever they want - well, that just might be the reason why they succeed no matter what they do. The fact that they've also gotten fuckin' good at playing, dosen't make it less enjoyable.

Whether or not you like cake, you've got to taste this!

Řyvind Lien