[record reviews: let them eat cake]

Psycho-pop!? Five-through of the dice

Review of Let Them Eat Cake taken from the
Norwegian newspaper
English translation done by Kjetil Wanach Berg.

ğLet Them Eat CakeĞ

When Motorpsycho from Trondheim made their debut in 1990, it sounded gloomy, noisy, metallic and nada commercial. Even if the press both domestic and abroad have taken them to their hearts, we've never been talking about any pop-band.

But now, after Motorpsycho couped the "milleniums-song" on P3, the band's taking a big step into a new and more poppish direction with the album "Let Them Eat Cake". Even if several of the songs still are longer then a normal single length, for example the beautiful "Stained Glass", there are also several songs here which have radio-kindness above all usual psycho-level. As for instance "Upstairs/Downstairs", or the best "Big Surprise". Most typical psycho-song must be the final "30/30", which lasts almost 8 minutes. In my opinion also the weakest on the album.

The most remarkable thing is though the sound-scape/picture!?. A band, known for its greedy sounds and effects enough to ruin any hifi-freaks night sleep, is now very clean and clear, in a rich sound-scape/picture!?. What the die hard fans will say to this, that we don't know. But for the majority will this album probably be a nice meeting with Norways maybe greatest rock-band.

Jan Inge Tomren