[record reviews: let them eat cake]

Motorpsycho: Let Them Eat Cake

Review of Let Them Eat Cake taken from the
British newspaper
SUNDAY TIMES, 2000-02-13.
Transcribed and sent in by Trond Brandal.

Let Them Eat Cake
Stickman Psychobabble 023, £ 13.99

While most Norwegian rock bands concentrate on burning down wooden churches and making invocations to Satan, the inappropriately named Motorpsycho quietly fashion ever more elaborate fusions of Sonic Youth's angular post-punk and an epic psychedelic vision. The band's 10th album is apparently intended to be something «you can listen to at night or your mother can do dishes to», employing a 13-piece string and horn section that somehow sidesteps rock-jazz fusion awfulness to take wing and nudge true greatness. After more than a decade of doing dissimilar things, the Flaming Lips and their protégés Mercury Rev were finally embraced by you, the notoriously slow-on-the-uptake record-buying public. Motorpsycho aren't quite in the Lips' league yet, but invest in Let Them Eat Cake now and when they top the critics' polls in five years' time you can always say you preferred the early stuff.

Stewart Lee