[record reviews: demon box]

Demon Box

Record review of Demon Box taken from the
Dutch magazine
OOR #8 / 1993.
English translation done by Paul Caspers.

Interesting band, this norwegian guitar-trio, succesfully playing for the third time a colorful mixture of Seattle- grunge, Boston-pop, psychadelica and thrashmetal. The contrast of out-of-tune-vocal love songs to brutal eruptions of noise is too large to call the album succesful on the whole, but almost every song sounds OK and spontaniously raw. Singer Matt Burt's [sic!] hoarse hardcore-throat will keep your attention, which is quite an achievement on this Pandora's box running for over 70 minutes. Things go wrong only when too many styles are being put into one song, as in the title song, which is way too long anyway. But killers like Nothing to Say (My Bloody Valentine meets Nirvana) and Feedtime (Soundgarden meets Metallica) and several Dinosaur-Tom [*] hits like Waiting for the One, Sunchild, The One Who Went Away, Motorpsycho proves to have what it takes.

Swie Tio

translator's note:
[*] songs in the style of Dinosaur Jr and Buffalo Tom