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Demon Box

Review of Demon Box
taken from the Italian magazine
ROCKERILLA, #151 / March 1993.
English translation done by Sunchild, slightly reworked by the Lighthouse Girl.

Demon Box
(Voices of Wonder)

From cold Norway comes a gigantic Motorpsycho work (a name that reminds us of an old Russ Meyer movie) presenting itself in the seventies rock bands' favorite packaging & format: a double 'concept album' with gatefold cover, like those old records that we loved so much way back then. To love, as a matter of fact, is this masterpiece of style, presented by the band which has already carried away Europe with two wonderful LPs (Lobotomizer and Soothe).

"Demon Box" is perfect in its homogeneous and varied composition at the same time, alternating acoustic and electric songs, blending hard, pop, progressive, ballad, electronic and noise, on memorable tracks and evocative episodes with all-consuming beauty. The strength of this album is in its whole result, so complete and 'mature' which can't be equalied by anything. At the end of the fourth side (or the cd, which contains three songs less than the vinyl though) you would start again with the first one, to dive in the mellow "Waiting For The One" and "Nothing To Say" (where they echo Smashing Pumpkins) or in the hard, powerful "Feedtime", influenced by Black Sabbath. The title track, one of the best from the album, is so powerful, epic, monstrously beautiful that it makes every band from the applauded Seattle shiver; the marvelous "Sunchild" and "Junior" are hard-pop jewels also emphasizing the composition skills of the northern ones.

Motorpsycho, the band about to sign with a major (sigh!) 1) next to their live album expected in this summer, have, with Demon Box, written their name in capitals letters in rock history.

To ignore them would be an unforgivable error by everybody.

Perluigi Bella

translator's notes:
1) Fuck you! I hate people thinking: Hey this band sells 10 records and I've got one, I'm so cool