[record reviews: the other fool e.p.]

The Other Fool E.P.

Review of The Other Fool E.P. taken from the
Italian stoner-rock e-zine
STONED GODS, February 2000.
English. Review found at the stoned gods-site.

The Other Fool E.P. - cover

MOTORPSYCHO - The Other Fool E.P.
Stickman Records, 2000

A new release signed Motorpsycho, published with their last album ĎLet Them Eat Cakeí.

The title track of the CD is a bit different from the album version; itís a very good arranged pop-psych song, with tons of violins and a wonderful melody. The others four tracks were recorded only for this EP, there arenít other violins or big arrangements, but they look very good, in the motorpsychedelic tradition. The Sailboat Song itís an slow acoustic ballad, a wet dream about the sea. Some stronger things can be listened in Johnny Finds The Leak or in the fantastic rockiní Jumpiní Flashback, with its irresistible bass riff (as always, thanks Bent!) and seems to be recorded about 25 years ago.

The last song is a good relaxed funky, something very cool. The band as wrote some funny lines about this songs on the booklet that explain clearly the inspiration and the atmosphere in which this release was recorded. Buy it and take a trip in the last 30 years of rock music.