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Motorpsycho • It's a Love Cult

Review of It's a Love Cult taken from the
US psychedelic magazine
In English. Sent in by Jeannette.

It's a Love Cult
(Stickman, Allermöher Deich 27, 21037 Hamburg, Germany

One of the finest musical moments of 2002. This 10 song set by Norwegian masterminds Motorpsycho give ample proof of their creative imaginations and musical muscle. Their metallic roots are everywhere, but so is evidence of the evolution that has allowed them to blossom into the pop wizards that they've become. From the rocket sled momentum of the opening Überwanger or A Billion Bubbles in My Mind, to the acoustic delicacy and harmonic warmth of the following Circles. Influences range from The Zombies to Led Zeppelin. Neverland reminds me of the Lucky Bishops' fusion of pop and prog at full throttle. There's a strong jazz underpinning to many passages and most of the playing. This Otherness has an afterhours west coast mellow glow and nimble neon guitar, with a haunting feel. Carousel is over seven minutes of string section, horns and reeds, acoustic guitar and sort of brilliant collision between Paul McCartney and Led Zep at their best. The ambitious and incredible The Mirror and the Lie is more of a suite than a song, and one of the more intriguing songs about love and identity I've heard in many moons; sort of high Brian Wilson meets Erik Satie in a perfect afterlife. While the ecstatic pop of Serpentine would be warming the heart of every jukebox on Earth if there was any justice or balance left to modern culture. Custer's Last Stand (One More Daemon) is an exercise in angst, precision and supernaturally focused intensity, not that far from Wire at their most caustic. The last track, Composite Head is like The Monkees meet Allman Brothers in paradise. Buy this now and thank me later.

George Parsons