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It's A Love Cult

Review of It's a Love Cult taken from the
British metal magazine
KERRANG #929 / 2002-11-09.
In English. Sent in by Ove Wiksten.

It's A Love Cult

Rating: 4 out of 6

Norwegian psychedelic pop masterpiece.

IT'S EASY to imagine that listening to Motorpsycho's latest foray into the studio is a little like flicking through their undoubtedly gigantic record collection. Sounding like they've managed to siphon nearly 40 years of popular music into one bubbling melting pot of sounds and textures makes listening to this album akin to being at a hipster party where members of Queens Of The Stone Age hang out with The Beatles and The Beach Boys, while Led Zeppelin get pissed in the kitchen.

Fortunately, the end results are not as confusing as you might imagine. Sure, one minute they might be playing up-tempo '60s rock and the next a shimmering, jazz guitar workout, but there's a melodic genius at work here which exudes pure quality and natural class.

James Sherry