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It's A Love Cult

Review of It's a Love Cult taken from the
British music magazine
In English. Sent in by Ove Wiksten.

It's A Love Cult

Rating: 6 out of 10

Weighty eclecticism from hyperactive Norse rockers

When bands decide they have more than one string on their bow it all too often results in a terrible discordant screeching. Diversity can be an indication of free-floating creative imagination – or, less happily, a lack of any coherent vision.

You could no more get a handle on Norway's Motorpsycho than you could on a runaway train – they veer from quirky psychedelia ('Neverland') and fey folk misery ('Circles') to Flaming Lips-style Barum & Bailey alt.rock ('Uberwagner Or A Billion Bubbles In My Mind') – but their tenth album only occasionally makes you want to lace their drinking water with sedatives. It's a little smug, a little music-graduate slick, but as proof that a scattershot approach can sometimes hit hard, it's right on target.

Victoria Segal