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Motorpsycho – It's a Love Cult

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It's a Love Cult
Rating: 2 out of 10

This album opens quite spiritedly with a driving guitar sound. It then steps off the rock tip and lands smack in the middle of politely strummed acousticsville with the whimsical 'Circles'. As quick as you like they opt for some vim and vigour with the pop sensibility of 'Neverland' – somewhere between Dodgy and Inspiral Carpets. The further you delve, the more bogged-down you get in MOR experimentation. It's like they have many influences that should make a good record, but they keep drawing on the weak ones. By track five, 'Carousel', you will have dried up any memories of the guitar sound that started everything off. But wait, as 'What if...' giddily jumps in with a merry melody, punctuated with a very happy trumpet. Skip to the final track 'Composite Head' for more fun-filled pop and that's the album.

Stuart White