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Motorpsycho – It's a Love Cult

Review of It's a Love Cult taken from the
review e-zine
THE WELKIN, 2002-10-13.
In English. Found at the welkin site and sent in by Anarchima.

Motorpsycho - «It's a Love Cult» - cover - front
Group: Motorpsycho
Title: It's a Love Cult
Year: 2002

1. Überwagner or A Billion Bubbles in my Mind (5:37)
2. Circles (4:00)
3. Neverland (4:01)
4. This Otherness (6:30)
5. Carousel (7:16)
6. What if... (4:16)
7. The Mirror and the Lie (6:43)
8. Serpentine (5:17)
9. Custer's Last Stand (One more Daemon) (4:06)
10. Composite Head (2:25)

Verdict: 9 / 10

Motorpsycho continue to excite and please their listeners with "It's A Love Cult". If you thought that this Norwegian trio had done it all before, you're definately wrong and in for quite a surprise. Jumping between sweet pop music to progressive rock, backed up by a dynamic blend of instruments and piercing vocals, "It's A Love Cult" doesn't stand still for a moment.

Their intricate patchwork of instrumental elements and deep musical knowledge, combined with excellent studio work and a crew of supporting musicians shows that Motorpsycho still has a lot to offer to the world. Having moved away from the Demon Box-era, Motorpsycho proves that their mastery of several styles is unparalleled. On the lines of "Phanerothyme" in my opinion, which is another release worth checking out, the energy is never lacking. Vocals are loose and entertaining to listen to.