[record reviews: lobtomizer]

Motorpsycho - Lobotomizer CD

Review of Lobotomizer taken from the
German HC-fanzine
OX - FACES THE FACTS #14 / April 1993.
English translation done by Ryan B.

Motorpsycho - Lobotomizer CD
- 8 Soothing Songs for Ruth CD
Voices of Wonder rec./Norway

My absolute favorite presently! Live MOTORPSYCHO from Trondheim, Norway, were so brute that I was close to lose my hearing. It was like as if HELMET, MUDHONEY, SOUNDGARDEN, TUMBLEWEED and other 70's greats were summerized and combined in their best moments. The two CD's from '90 and '92 still impress with their unorthodox grunge sound. Getting stoned, and then banging yourself by listening to MOTORPSYCHO, that's it! These days the new 90 minutes double LP of MOTORPSYCHO will be released. Yes Sir!

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Helge Schreiber