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Motorpsycho: Lobotomizer

Review of Lobotomizer taken from the
Italian stoner rock e-zine
English. Found at the stoned gods-site.

Motorpsycho -
Voices Of Wonder, 1991

Recorded in December 1990 in the cold lands of Oslo, this is the first album of a cult band named Motorpsycho. The sound that you can find in their releases canít be called stoner rock, canít be called psychedelic rock, simply it canít be precisely defined. In this first release something sounds like proto-stoner, something sounds noisy, something really psychedelic.
The title song is very short and open the album in a really quiet way, but after a minute is broken by the heavy riff of Grinder, a song nasty and powerful, with a screamed voice. Hogwash is one the songs I prefer, seventy oriented, with a bluesly guitar riff and a hammond that drive you through eight minutes of heavy psychedelic blues.
The other tracks sound really heavy, as the strong mid tempo Home Of The Brave, while in Frances we got the pop side of motorpsycho, with some strange melodies very seductive. Finally, I have to underline the W. Blake poetry told with echoes and psychedelic effects in a hypnotic way, a little pearl for who loves romantic poets.