[record reviews: mountain e.p.]

Mountain E.P.

Review of Mountain taken from the
Dutch magazine
OOR #19 / 1993.
English translation done by Paul Caspers.

Shortly after releasing the excellent Demon Box, Motorpsycho delivers a new jack-in-the-cd-box. This EP, running for half an hour, exceeds many a CD of full value, and offers three top- class songs. Unlike the pot-pourri of styles on Demon Box, Motorpsycho has chosen one style: loud as hell. The title-track (also found on the vinyl edition of Demon Box), running for 11 minutes, is composed of the dragging, well-known principle of Black Sabbath + grunge; the organ in the center-part shortly refers to Deep Purple. Fleshharrower sounds like the wolf from Green Jelly's Three Little Pigs, gone completely mad; full of noise-elements, which never get the upper hand though. Finally, some heavy shaking with a rendition of Jefferson Airplane's The House At Pooneil Corners, and then you've had your share. Forget about the two whining pieces at the end. It's been enough.

Marko van Nek