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Motorpsycho – Phanerothyme (CD)

Review of Phanerothyme taken from the
Gwerman stoner rock e-zine
DAREDEVIL, January 2002.
In English. Found at the daredevil site.

Motorpsycho – Phanerothyme CD
Stickman Records
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Phanerothyme was the second release in 2001 by this famous Norwegian band. They're known for always doing what they feel like doing. Where Barracuda was a firm rock record, Phanerothyme is really laid back pop music. A lot of acoustic instruments and mainly influences from the sixties. Beatles, Beach Boys, Santana, some singer / songwriter stuff. But it's great, diverse, especially when considering all influences are molten together in a natural way to create a distinctive sound. It almost seems like everything Motorpsycho does lately turns into a golden experience for the listener. So Phanerothyme is nothing close to what we normally review at Daredevil. But just because Motorpsycho is so unpredictable and we like to keep you up to date, we put a short review in here. And of course for those who want something different for a change, Phanerothyme might just be what you're looking for...