[record reviews: phanerothyme]

Motorpsycho's "Phanerothyme"

Short review of Phanerothyme taken from the
Dutch stoner rock e-zine
ROADBURN, 2001-10-18.
In English. Found at the roadburn site.

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The other record is Motorpsycho's "Phanerothyme". This is a band that has been steadily evolving since their inception in 1990, and they currently are one of the best pop bands in the world. Yes, pop. In the greatest sense of the genre, acheiving similar heights as "Pet Sounds"-era Beach Boys. "Odessey and Oracle"-era Zombies or "Revolver"-era Beatles. The instrumentation is fantastic, with more than 20 instruments making a carefully considered appearance. The songwriting is great, the melodies are catchy, and the record itself is indispensable. Also be sure to give Motorpsycho's previous release "Let Them Eat Cake" a listen, as it fits nicely into the same genre.

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Drew (and Walter)