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Motorpsycho: Phanerothyme

Review of Phanerothyme taken from the
the Italian e-zine
SCARUFFI.COM, November 2001 – a notorious and chronical Motorpsycho basher. ;-)
In English. Found at the scaruffi.com site.

Motorpsycho: Phanerothyme
(Stickman, 2001)
Rating: 4 / 10

Continuing their descent into art-pop, Motorpsycho's new album focuses on arrangements and casually samples the history of rock music for melodic ideas. The result, from the orchestral country lullaby Bedroom Eyes to the baroque fugue When You're Dead (banjo, harpsichord, flugelhorn), is certainly eclectic, but "pop" requires, first and foremost, good melodies, and only the Byrds-ian psychedelic folk-rock of Go To California and the Beach Boys-ian pop of Blindfolded get close to being hummable and not only pretentious.

Piero Scaruffi