[record reviews: roadwork vol.1]

Motorpsycho: Roadwork Vol.I

Review of Roadwork Vol.1 taken from the
Swedish magazine
GROOVE, March 1999.
English translation done by Rolf Clausen.

"Roadwork Vol 1"

At the back of the cover of this record which even has the subtitle "Heavy Metal iz a poze, hardt rock iz a laifschteil" you can read that if you are not familiar with Motorpsycho's earlier releases you should get them before this one. They continue writing that parts of the equipment used during the recording are below normal Motorpsycho-standards and the decibel level is not comparable to high fidelity. But they don't need any excuses, Roadwork vol. 1 is an excellent documentation of Motorpsycho on stage. You simply want to be a part of the audience and inhale the atmosphere which at least the music on the record radiates. The second track is the 33 minutes long AK29 Suite (correction: A K9 Suite) which is divided into five different parts. A completely breathtaking good composition which goes back and forwards between the sound of flowing, hot lava and the unavoidable eruption. It is clear that the quiet and often instrumental parts gives the greatest psychedelic enjoyment. It is hard not to describe this record with the worn out expression 'overall impression'.

Jonas Elgemark