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Motorpsycho: Roadwork Vol. 1

Review of Roadwork Vol. 1 taken from the
Dutch 'CyberAcidRockZine'
English. Found at the roadburn-site.

Roadwork Vol.1 - cover - front MOTORPSYCHO
Roadwork vol. 1
"Heavy Metal iz a poze,
hardt rock iz a laifschteil"
Stickman Records

The ultimate gift from Motorpsycho to the world of rock music: a live album capturing the most intense, outrageous moments of their 1998 European tour. The band started up their own label, Roadwork, in order to release this exclusive live footage. These recordings were selected by the band themselves and their producer/sound engineer Pidah (also producer of 7Zuma7 and Celestial Season, Beaver.) out of 40 hours worth of live tapes. Strangely enough, material from only three shows made the album. Leipzig, Berlin and Utrecht. Here you'll find definite versions of Motorpsycho classics like 'The Wheel' and a stunning version of 'Vortex Surfer', far more intense and beautiful than on their latest studio-album 'Trust Us'.

Opener 'The Other Other Fool' is a new song, not found on any album. This 8 minute plus Hendrix-inspired work of art is worth purchasing this record alone. The groovy, bluesy riffs show Motorpsycho at its best. But the next half hour will change your life dramatically. Never ever before have I heard such true spacerock. Hot, dramatic, spacey, unpredictable, stoned, ripped, from the heart, beyond imagination, it's everything. The anthem 'A K9 Suite' will be on everybody's mind for a long time.

You won't get it much better than this, people. Though it's not stonerrock or whatever, it's simply beyond any musical term. Songs like 'Feel' and 'You Lied' can't be more different than the album-openers. For people into the spacy stuff there's more to please you. 'Super/Wheel' is simply amazing. Everytime I hear this I have to remind myself that this is a live record, produced by a three-piece band. Amazing. Near the end of the almost 75 minute record the band starts the MC5 cover 'Black To Comm'. The first record in a series of I hope many live releases of the Norwegian Motorpsycho. Thank you Lord, spacerock has arrived!

Xander van Aart