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Motorpsycho: Roadwork Vol. 1
Heavy Metal iz a poze, hardt rock iz a laifshteil - live in Europe 1998

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Motorpsycho - Roadwork vol. 1
Heavy Metal iz a poze, hardt rock iz a laifshteil
- live in Europe 1998
Stickman Records, 1998

Hey, this is the first live album from Motorpsycho, and thatís INCREDIBLE!! Recorded during the Trust Us Tour this great release itís a testimony of what Motorpsycho are on stage, a hot CD conceived and released in fine tradition of the greatest rock bands. It starts with a new song, The Other Other Fool, that explodes like a bomb to open the show. The following A K9 Suite is a real pearl, half an hour of dilated psychedelia that starts from Un Chien Díespace and flow through the space to reach the stars far away, remembering some of the best things of the earlier Pink Floyd. Super Wheel itís a super medley composed by Superstooge and The Wheel, introduced by the heavy and dragging riff of Bentís bass.

Bent from Roadwork Vol.1-cover  

You Lied itís a very good live version of Walking On The Water, with another great bass riff from Bent, that flows hardly into Black To Comm, a kickiní ass MC5 cover. The final song, as in their real concerts, is the fantastic and apocalyptic psycho-ballad Vortex Surfer, that starts slowly on some clean guitar chords helped with a glockenspiel and then blows against a wall of distortion. A beautiful promenade into the Motorpsychoís music, a must for every psychedelic mind, for every stoned head, for everyone in this fucked world! Donít miss they next shows, an incredible experience!