[record reviews: roadwork vol 2]

Sært for fansen
Free form jazz and progressive rock in interplay.

Review of Roadwork Vol 2 taken from
OSLOPULS, 2000-12-05.
English translation done by Mats Johansen.

Roadwork vol 2: The MotorSourceMassacre
(3rd Ear / Sony Music)
rating: 4 of 6

I wrote "mainly for the Motorpsycho fan with a big level of tolerance" in a review for the music magazine Puls after the gig at Kongsberg Jazz festival where this record was recorded in 1995. Because even if there was something grand and majestic over the meeting between Motorpsycho and the freeform jazzband the Source, there also was a feeling of freakiness, difficulty and grimness. The same contradictions are present on this album. Some of Motorpsycho's long songs - "Golden Core" and "The Wheel" - meet the Source's material. An extremely active Helge Steen is responsible for the audio noise, and The Source's horn players Trygve Seim (sax) and Øyvind Brekke (trombone) also deliver dominant parts to the album's output. The overall results are both interesting and nice for those who have followed Motorpsycho for a while, but definitely not a starting position for any newcomers.

Highlight: "The Wheel".

Kjell Henning Thon