[record reviews: roadwork vol 2]


Review of Roadwork Vol 2 taken from
the British music magazine
THE WIRE #206 / April 2001.
English. Transcribed by Petter Flaten Eilertsen.

Roadwork No.2: The MotorSourceMassacre
Stickman 3rdEar 02000 CD

Before this Norwegian freak collective evolved into their current guise of free improvising psychedelic heads, they were basically a straightahead Metal power unit. This archival live release finds them knee-deep in monolithic rock riffs in the then unlikely environs of the 1995 Kongsberg Jazz Festival. Invited by the Trondheim based free jazz group The Source to join them as part of a head to head 'double concert' (obviously inspired by Ornette Coleman's Free Jazz double quartet), they went ahead despite confessing that their collective jazz knowledge was basically nil. The results are a real joy. Motorpsycho bolstered their ranks with Deathprod for the night and it's a no-compromise blowout from start to finish. Their lack of Improv 'knowhow' results in all sorts of unlikely scenarios, with crunching dumbo riffs avalanching over tweeting brass and long passages of filtered analogue squelch that sound like Hawkwind touching down at Stonehenge.

David Keenan