[record reviews: serpentine e.p.]

Motorpsycho – Serpentine EP

Review of the Serpentine E.P. taken from the
website of Norwegian radio channel
NRK UPUNKT, 2002-09-10.
English translation provided by T. Johnsen.

Rating: 5 out of 6 Motorpsycho - Serpentine EP (Sony)

Motorpsycho - promo photo 2001   Lyd: Totto anmelder galaksens
beste band!

A lot of people have been looking forward to this week, all 'cause of this release. Motorpsycho is just getting bigger as the years pass, and they're one of the few bands in Norway that manage to renew themselves noticeably without losing audience. In the past they were a noise monster, but now they come forward as a more quiet band.

And this quiet side is mostly what's displayed on this ep. Until the last song where Motorpsycho display that their rock n'roll was not forgotten at the bottom of their guitar-cases. And as one who hasn't been a particular fan of Motorpsycho, I must say that it works. Serpentine is good. Not genious or revolutionairy, but a diverse, slightly psychedelic and great record. A nice preview of the album coming at the end of this month.