[record reviews: serpentine e.p.]

Grown-pop rockers
Serpentine (ep)

Review of the Serpentine E.P. taken from the
Norwegian student e-zine
UNIVERSITAS, 2002-09-04.
English translation provided by Kristoffer.

Motorpsycho - «Serpentine E.P.» - cover - front

Serpentine (ep)
Stickman Records / Columbia

I don't know whether I was smiling or just felt that I was. What I know is that when I put on Motorpsycho's Serpentine, I thought, "now they've grown up". Literally.

Because when Snah sings the title track, more than ever it sounds like Daddy singing goodnight. Fragile, on the limit of how high the dark voice can go. And when Bent gets to play his old role as the lead vocalist on the super singalong "Snafu", it's to the cheering "Shalallalalla" over a guitar track on nitrous. Oh, how I miss the rascals who indulged in half hour long psychedelias, but if the longplayer follows up with as stunningly beautiful pop rock as this, I will be the first to wipe a tear from the corner of my eye and say:

Well, boys, you've grown up after all. And that's the way it had to be.

Erik Møller Solheim