[record reviews: timothy's monster]

Timothy's monster

Review of Timothy's Monster taken from the
Norwegian magazine
English translation done by Mats Johansen.

Motorpsycho - Timothy's Monster

Pavement, Sebadoh, Dinosaur jr, Motorpsycho... - Not much is missing before the band from Trondheim moves up into the premiere league inhabited by the three former bands with "Timothy's Monster".

After they paralysed us last year with "Demon Box", the expectations wereinhuman concerning the new LP. Motorpsycho solves this by sticking their tongues out to those who wants more of the same, changing style and pulls out a bundle of convincing songs.

First and foremost "Timothy's Monster" is a much more melodious album with room for both unplugged material and psycho noise. "Sungravy" is the best example of the former, while "Grindstone" is some of the most hellish the band has written so far. Noiseboss Deathprod is much more visible on this track, preferring to "hide" himself in most parts of the album. The vocals have rarely been so tortured as in this song. Except for this, "Timothy's Monster" is 3/4 indie rock and -pop where the experimental dodging has been much reduced. But it still sounds unmistakenably Motorpsycho. Even if several tracks on the album had been great with ordinary instrumentation, the band insist to tune the guitars in such a way that it doesn't feel like just cotton and balsam for the ears. On a track like "The wheel", where prog and psychadelia are gathered in a monotonous menagerie over 17 minutes, the bass strings vibrate over in each other so that the whole thing sounds very non-solidaric.

"Timothy's Monster" is delivered as 2CD or 3LP set with five sides of music. What's on side 6 will remain a surprise, but we reccommend everyone who's kept the record player to choose the vinyl version in this case. Total playtime is 98 min., and i managed to listen through the album 5 times before the printer ate my typewriter. Then "Beautiful Sister" were the only tune i had heard enough of - most of the tracks were still "growing" (But i still believe that "Demon Box" is the most epoch-making album of the two).

Knut Bjørheim