[record reviews: timothy's monster]

Motorpsycho - Timothy's Monster

Review of Timothy's Monster taken from the
German magazine
WESTZEIT, May 1995.
In English. Review found in the depths of the mighty Stickman archives.
Thx to Jeanette!

Motorpsycho - Timothy's Monster
Stickman Rec. / Semaphore

It's revelation time again! Finally Norwegian's godstars Motorpsycho have found their own sound! And it sounds so fuckin' great I have to shout it to the rest of the world. As people will probably know I didn't like their eclecticism on earlier releases too much, 'cause I missed a sound of their own. But 'Timothy's monster' is a fuckin' revelation! Gliding in a powerful popdrive the complete album has a warm and slight drowsy melancholic tip. Fifteen songs of warm human feelings that have made my soul turn inside out; simply listen to that fuckin' wonderful 'Beautiful sister' [1] and realize that feelings of freedom and complete luck can be put in 5-minute musical trips. As happened to a friend, this CD stuck in my CD-player for days continuously, too.