[record reviews: trust us]

Motorpsycho: Trust us

Review of Trust Us taken from the
British magazine
METAL HAMMER, June 1998.

Trust Us
(Stickman Records)
Rating: 8 / 10

It's always difficult to do justice to an album brimming over with interesting ideas and songs. This is actually a double album, which i guess makes it twice as hard. What we have here are 14 shimmering slabs of passionate songwriting(totalling over 80 minutes) which show a staggering attention to detail without ever smothering the energy and emotion present. The instrumentation alone makes wonderous reading-all manner of guitars and percussion are employed, but a REINDEER ANTLER?? The short instrumental track in question, "Siddhardtino," sounds hauntingly ethereal as a result.

The strength of this album, though, lies not in the willful peculiarity, but the majestic power of the songs, which often bring Led Zeppelin to mind. They are layered and orchestrated with a real ear for melody, and build from simple beginnings to epic blowouts-complete with searing instrumental breaks. An impressive and unusual rock album, rendered with great skill.

Essi Berelian