[record reviews: trust us]

Nominally-metal genre-busting Norwegian trio at it again

Review of Trust Us taken from the
British magazine
MOJO, 1998

Trust Us

It's wise, with this one, not to give yourself a knowing wink when the cacaphonous holocaust of opening track, Psychonaut, gives way to the familiar Honky Tonk Women chord sequence that starts Ozone. Motorpsycho and their producer, Mr. Deathprod, aren't about to let you off that easy, and Ozone soon develops a bludgeoning riffola logic complete with near inaudible chanting, unexpected snatches of piano, a bass line as deep as the carlsbad Caverns and, when the recklessly built edifice inevitably collapses after four and a half minutes, delightful pseudo-Persian vocal harmonies. A casual listen might tag Motorpsycho as ponderous metal maestros, but no musical style or production technique is off-limits for these guys. They'll come over all ambient, smack you with a harmonium intro to a song that mutates from teen angst ballad into lumbering hymn-like juggernaut. It takes several plays to make sense but the payback is worth the effort.

Johnny Black