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Motorpsycho: Trust us

Review of Trust Us taken from the
British newspaper<
SUNDAY TIMES, 1998-05-17.

Trust Us
Stickman Psychobabble 012, 15.99

JUDGE Motorpsycho not by their appalling name. They're Norwegian, you see. The trio's fourth album, a double CD, invokes New York avant-rock forebears Sonic Youth, bending recognisable forms into compelling new shapes with left-field stylings; but it is also enamoured with the power of proper, high voltage rock'n'roll. Superstooge plays mind games with Hell's Angel biker boogie blues, working the hips and the head simultaneously; The Ocean in Her Eye offers a soaring and fragmentary psychedelia akin to modern-day acid rock avatars the Flaming Lips, and Evernine is a gloriously enervated rewrite of Led Zeppelin's When the Levee Breaks. Halfway through disc two, the wispy french horns and feedback fantasias of Radiance Freq and Taifun provide moments of respite, before the uplifting rush of Hey, Jane and the jazz tailspin farewell of Dolphyn create a perfect close. Trust Us could be your ideal summer soundtrack.