Motorpsycho: Wearing Yr Smell E.P.

Review from the popular Dutch rock-magazine WATT #21, March 1995.
English translation by Paul Caspers.

Wearing Yr Smell
Harvest / Semaphore (?)

Their previous two EP's were both elected single of the month, this one isn't. Not just to avert bribe-scandals and give other bands a chance for one time, but especially because the Norwegians don't present themselves at their best on this 5-track. "Wearing Yr Smell", from the upcoming release "Timothy's Monster", is not the masterpiece that should elevate Motorpsy cho from their own boundaries. Furthermore, the live rendition of "Jr" is recorded flagrantly bad, the accoustic "Birds" is nothing more than a mediocre campfire-song, and "Leave it Like That" is already on the record in an extended version. Which leads to the strange situation where Motorpsycho's own material is overshadowed by "President's Block", a cover of their Trondheim neighbours Epinastic Movements.

author unknown.

--> translation courtesy of Paul Caspers, who does not subscribe to the author's point of view.

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