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As of 2005, this manual media stories page is no longer maintained. Post your media stories to the media stories forum!

Due to the band's explosive increase of media appearance since 1998 and especially since 2000 it has become necessary to restructure this links page. There's now a section for the years 1992 up to 1997 and starting with 1998 there's a own section for each year ...

The articles, interviews, band features, concert pre- and reviews are taken from various magazines, newspapers etc. from all over the world. Inside the sections they're sorted by language and chronologically. If you have anything interesting that could fit in here send it to us. Either snailmail or e-mail Torsten Walker truemiddle@gmx.de (prefer the latter). We also apologize for some few messed up characters in some files.

Please note that all media coverage concerning the VoW-lawsuit can be found in the Motorpsycho vs. Voices of Wonder-section now!

April 2004: We're a little back-logged, here is a bunch of unedited web pages: Stories Reviews