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ARNIs lefthand basses – portrait...
Bent Sæther
band: Motorpsycho
Trondheim / Norway

Self-portrait of Bent and his equipment
taken from the German website
English. Found at the leftybass site
and published in here with the kind permission of Volkmar Arnecke, the site owner.

Bent - live in 2000  
Bent Sæther – Motorpsycho
"Hi Arni,
I think a lefty-page is a fun idea, and would love to contribute.

Good luck!

I am 31 years old, a born & raised norwegian, and have played the big B since I was 14. Before that I played the drums for years, but switched when our band found itself with two drummers...
My first encounter with stringed instruments was at school, and since everything was strung right-handed, I just turned a normal guitar upside down and learned to play that way. This never changed, and I still play with the thickest string on the bottom.
Having played in a recording / touring band (Motorpsycho) for ten years, I've been through tons of different equipment, and my bass collection numbers approx. 15 ex.

The most important / used ones are:

2 x Music Man Stingray both lefties, one black (tuned two steps down) & one green (norm tuning). These are my 'work horses' and go on tour every time we hit the road
1 x Gibson EB 3, 1969 Slotted peghead, cherry Red righty. Bought used in Munchen, mid-90s
1 x Gibson EB 2, 1967 Very 'tired' cherry finish; almost gold righty. Bought used in Trondheim, 1991
1 x Rickenbacher 4001, 1980 blue lefty. Bought in the US, 1992
1 x Fender Precision, 1978 My first! White righty that I painted black at the age of 14. Broke neck at gig 1991, put in a Jazz bass neck & PU, and 'scraped' it back to white later
1 x Ibanez Jazzbass copy, approx. 1980 Orig. sunburst lefty, but painted day-glo purple and green in a punkrock-fit. Used as workhorse up until 1999. Bought used in Molde for 100.-DM, 1991
1 x Jerry Jones sixstring / baryton longhorn, 1995(?) Black 'Danelectro copy' righty. Fantastic guitar / bass hybrid, used with open tunings and / or for bottleneck work.
1 x Gretsch Model 6072 (AKA Tennesseean, AKA Peter Tork Model), 1966 Mint with original case! Too beautiful to take on the road, but useful for studio work. Bought used in London, 1998

• 2 x Music Man Stingray
• Gibson EB 3 1969
• Gibson EB 2 1967
• Rickenbacher 4001 1980
• Fender Precision 1978
• Ibanez Jazzbass copy approx. 1980
• Jerry Jones sixstring/baryton longhorn 1995(?)
• Gretsch Model 6072
• 2 x Hiwatt custom 100 amps (both early 70s models) through 2 x Ampeg 8 x 10" cabinets.
• 1 x Ampeg SVT (also an early 70s model) through 2 x Ampeg 8 x 10" cabinets.
• black electroharmonix fuzz-wah

My Amps have varied through the years,but the best setups I have had are these:
• 2 x Hiwatt custom 100 amps (both early 70s models)
through 2 x Ampeg 8 x 10" cabinets.
• 1 x Ampeg SVT (also an early 70s model) through 2 x Ampeg 8 x 10" cabinets.

For the full-on John Entwistle growl & fury, the Hiwatts are unbeatable, but the tone in that old 'peg is just amazing. Need 'singing mids'? Try one of these! I have tested the reissues of both equivalent Hiwatt & Ampeg models, but didn't get on too well with any of them.
As far as effects go, I only use this one pedal I found i Gothenburg a few years back. It's a huge, black Electroharmonix fuzz-wah hybrid thingy that I've only ever seen this one ex of! For instant chaos, press button!!! Fun and useful for improvisation.

Bent Sæther