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Motorpsycho 18/10/2001

Review of the show at the Rockefeller / 2001-10-18
taken from the website of Marit Larsen,
member of Norwegian band M2M
Norwegian. Found at the maritlarsen.com site and sent in by Havard Grimelid.

Motorpsycho at the Rockefeller 2001
Location: Rockefeller concert hall, Oslo, Norway.
Picture borrowed from www.puls.no.

This one is hard for me as I don't know much about this band. I will say though that Motorpsycho is close to the only Norwegian band that makes me feel anything. Their music has inspired me a lot. That's why I was in conflict with myself regarding seeing them live. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about... When you've been touched by a record, or even just a little piece of music by a band you're somewhat unfamiliar with, you are uncertain whether seeing them in concert will strengthen your feelings towards the band, or if it will just mess it all up.

But as a lot of my friends who had already seen them several times still got their tickets for this one weeks in advance, I figured I would give it a shot. I could always just go home and listen to their records again if it got too much.

Motorpsycho is a rock band made up of three people, but at this show they brought along one additional person. He mainly did keys.
They came on and started out by playing several of the tracks from their newest release, "Phanerothyme". After a while they started moving on to older material, also playing some songs I had never heard before. Time stood still. I was very pleased. The atmosphere was like nothing I had ever experienced. I just closed my eyes and felt like I came to this different place.

Time ran by and all of a sudden they were done. Or so we thought. They must have enjoyed themselves too, as they came out and did several encores. I was in awe. What a great band. I still listen to their records, but can't wait to see them play again. WOW.

Marit Larsen