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Interpretations of the song 577 from Trust Us.

I dont know about the "up-side-down-calculator" theory though. Maybe its something in it, but do actually musicians carry calculators? If I should give a theory (mathematical) about this it would be like this: The numbers 577 is just a simple span of vectors or a single vector. If its a span {v1,v2,v3} it would be interesting to examine the geometrical conditions: Say the span is a homogeneous equation. It can be interesting to study these numbers/this span from a different perspective by writing them as a vector equation. In this way the focus shifts from the unknown solutions of Ax=0 (577, the span) to the vector that appear in the equation. For instance, consider the equation x1[5]+x2[7]+x3[7]. This system has of course a trivial solution, where x1 = x2 = x3 = 0 (result of a homogeneous sys tem). The main issue is wether the trivial solution is the only one. Are there free variables in the set? (Aka: x3 doesnt position itself in a pivot coloumn = a free parameter) ---> Then we'll have a non-trivial solution, thus result = a billion solutions. <---- not interesting.

Since we dont know if the columns (3 cols ---> 5 7 7) in this set outnumber the entries in each column (we dont know how many numbers Snah, Bent or even Geb used to reach "5" in the first column) we cant say wether the set is linearly independent or not. It could be linearly independent since non e of the vectors {v1,v2,v3} ([5][7][7]) are a scalar product of another. Also: the set doesnt contain a non-zero vector - so the chances for a linear dependence is not big. This means that the vectors in a geometric view points in three different directions - thus non-interesting cause we could not ever discuss (IMO) this result witho ut help from the band. A linearly dependent set would have created a continous line in a specific direction - wherever direction that would be (interesting? I think so).

Say the numbers 577 creates the single vector [5 7 7]. The only thing to do here is to examine the vector geometrically - in R^3. Do it yourself, but for me the vector (a line) doesnt tell me much. It points a little bit upwards though...slightly. Of course if this vector isnt just a single vecto r but the last column in an augmented matrix, we would either have:

1) A consistent system with x free variables = there could be a billion number of vectors/numbers/lines parallell to our 577 creating some kind of meaning.

2) A consistent system with just basic variables and no free parameters, creating a UNIQUE solution. Very interesting indeed!

3) A non-consistent system which doesnt mean shit.

Maybe 577 is an augmented matrix. Then 5x1 = 7 - 7x2. We doesnt need to row reduce this system to echelon form to see that there is a free parameter (x2). You can substitute x2 with any number and still the system will be consistent....= a billion new reasons to discuss what 577 means.

Of course this is just a snatch from one particular subject, linear algebra. But I guess thats where I would try to find the answer if it was up to me. Linear algebra.


Take a calculator, and turn it on. Punch in 577 and pause... Take a deep breath and turn the calculator up side down. 577 turns in to LLS !!!!!! Maybe it means Long Live Snah!!!!


I´ve been thinking of playing around with the numbers 13-19 to see if it could restult in anything, because Bent sort of challenged us with what he said about it when delivering the lyrics. But I would say it´s more likely that it´s simpler than that. One suggestion I have is that it means "May 1977". My interpretation, since I´m born that month...:)


At the age 13 to 19, you're in your prime, and 577 is a prime number.


I've watched this discussion from a safe distance for quite a while , and I must say there are some interesting interpetations. But before we interpet the meaning of the title , shouldnt we agree on what the song is all about .

If it a kind of leove devolopment song (whatever that means ) , I have an alterantive interpetation There are 7 stages

Stage 1. Magazine
Stage 2. Daydream
Stage 3. Something you really feel inside of you
Stage 4. It's all you can think of
Stage 5. It's much stronger than you ever thought it could be
Stage 6. You get tired of the whole thing
Stage 7. It's just a dream (everything is just good , and beatuiful like you never would believe it would be on this planet)

WHat if the three numberrs in 577 is a representation of which stage the individual members in motorpsycho feel they're in.

But now who is who

Alfabetical listing would place Haakon Gebhardt at stage 5 Hans Magnus Ryan(snah) at stage 7 Bent Sæther at stage 7

This would make some sense since Snah has a child and Bent has to my knowledge been seeing Cecile for quite some time. Gebhardt on the other hand I know nothing about.

Of course if this song isn't about lovestuff , this interpetation is way of

When it comes to the mathematical solutions , i don't see any reason why the would do such a thing , if neither of them had any education within the subject


Bent refuses to tell anyone what it means, cos he thinks it's funnier when people try to find out themself. A possiblity is that it means egg (since E is the fifth letter in the alphabeth, and since G is the seventh). But why would they call a song Egg? If egg really is the name(but seriously doubt it) of the song, then it's probably just to irritate people who tries to figure out what it means. But i would just like to make it clear that I don't think it means Egg, it's just a stupid possibility.


I think the LLS thing is a brilliant idea, but I think the letters stands for "Little Lost Snowball" Just a hunch


And there has been many theories, well I have to say MP fans has got fantasy - and thats all you`ve got too! Cos I think that Bent didnt mean anything with 577, he just called the song 577 cos it was original, Thats all Folks !


Lars Lien Sucks. Looks Like Satan. Lolly Lost Something. Lyrics Like Shit. Leipzig Lies Somewhere.


Lenge Leve Svartlamo'n (or in english: Long Live Svartlamo'n)

It makes sense doesn't it?


From all so far announced 'What-could-577-mean?'-ideas I think the 'calculator'-theory is the most likely to be, 'cause it recalls the '5007/LOOSE'-thing ['Hello Sticksies'.....>g<] in my mind in some way = the MP-Netherlands-Connection;

But what does LLS mean then?.......it could mean anything and is being up to individual association-chains [don't know if this is the correct English term.....I'm on about 'Assoziationsketten' in German] ......every MP-fellow has it's own ones depending on his/her personal (MP-)background....i.e. it's up to free speculation what it means and we all won't ever be able to find the 'correct' (='it was originally meant to be......') solution as long Bent denies us to tell it.....even if I like the 'Long live Svartlamoen'-idea a lot.....


Levva Livet Suppehue Lucky Luke Skywalker Long Live Suspicious (minds)


naaah, i don't agree with the 'egg' theory ... but i'm ready to believe that it's a little inside joke of mp .. and had they the time to waste on reading all our (silly) interpretations, they'd probably be scoffing their asses off. if you like, we (the fans) were meant to break our heads on this one. it's sth called -looking for, and creating, sense from non-sense- a very wide-spread phenomenon ;) so why should i pull back? %-) well why, couldn't it be an imaginary hotline tel # for dazzled and/or abused teens, eh? you dial, and you "tune in, and bliss out" --

Now I've got a suggestion: > > For a few days ago I took the bus in Trondheim and the > number in the front of the bus (inside) was "557" > When I took a look around me there was all kinda > people, from the age of 15 to 70 so maybe it could be > > so simple that the idea of the tune came to them while > taking the city bus in Trondheim ??? > > I don't know, how 'bout some of you ?? > > greetings smæl


> Here is the main bass riff for 577. It's played through the whole improvisation part.
> D I--0--0---5-7----0--0--0-5-7------
> A I--------------5----------------5----
> D I-------------------------------------
> G I-------------------------------------
> I have tried to tab the timing, but it isn't totally right.
> Askil

See? End of discussion! -Jeroen

Not quite, a graphical interpretation, by Ragnar.

Or is it just a submarine?

i was in church on sunday, it was a ... um, i've forgot what it's called in english, maybe 'to christen'?, but anyway, it was that ceremony where a baby gets water on his head etc. and before the thing started, I was bored and looked at psalm 577 in the psalmbook, hoping to find a MP reference there, i.e. the psalm being about youthhood or something... i didn't find much, but I did find something: the man who had written the text for the psalm was called Bernt (that's almost Bent :) and his last name started with S (same initials as the bent)...

--- hey, I just found out that there's a flash for my camera called Speedlite 577G!