This was the contest page.

The delay with the results was due to big disagreements in the jury. The winner was Paul Caspers, with this poem:

             I N T O   T H E   V O I D

       it wasn't me     >       that did it
      it wasn't them   <      that made this
     it wasn't god    >       that started it
    no one ever      <       who could stop it
    anyone          >            no one but you
     but you        <             the only gods
      you three      >           in this world
       that did it    <   that'll do it again

               Y O U   T O O K   M E

Some selected Jeopardy-questions:

- Hey, Cecilie, do you think I can talk Bent into joining me to an "eat-as-much-barbeque-ribs-as-you-can-restaurant?
- Of course not, he's a vegetarian.

- If I gave Bent a living cow on his birthday, would he slaughter it and eat it?
- Of course not, he's a vegetarian.

- Does Bent like pinnekj÷tt (a Norwegian delicacy)?
- Of course not, he's a vegetarian.

- What would Bent say if you say to him after the gig "Hey, I thought you guys'd play Mad Sun tonight?! It was even on the setlist, man!
- Gefoppt!

- Motorpsycho is named after a film by an American B-film producer, also refered to as "the king of the nudies". What's his name? (Include at least one typing error!)
- Russ Mayer

Thanks to everyone. There are also some runners-up, but we haven't decided on which yet, so it will probably be records for all participants.

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