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    What the heck. Some of you may dig this. Here's a 100% improvised drums/bass sludge-rock duo from two Minnesota rock vets. If you like riffs and killer drumming, maybe this is for you. I think this crowd might get on board with this. Enjoy!

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    Thanks to Supernaut. Yeah, I too am of the opinion that out-of-print stuff is okay to trade. Plus, as an American, it would've cost me over $50 to get the three songs on that record shipped from Norway. That's just too steep for poor ol' me!

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    I got into this band basically because of how Kenneth played with them. I like a lot of the stuff before him, but I just feel that he made them one of the best bands on Earth. I had wanted to plan a trip to Norway (I'm in America) to see them a bunch of times, someday. Now I'm just a depressed bastard. I'm sure they'll be good again, but Kenneth is hard to improve upon. Dammit.

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    I too missed out — if anyone's willing to rip and link the CD, I'd love that. (That should be okay, since it's no longer for sale, right?)

    If anyone has a rip, PM me? I'd be eternally grateful.

    (I'm also looking for rips of "Eagle's Son" and "Boinganoid" and "Go Around Once" — basically anything rare from the Kapstad era. Which is now…sniff…over…)

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…hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994