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    Once again Motorpsycho ends an era:

    Kenneth left Motorpsycho.

    Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more…





        Funny, I had that feeling he would, seeing him play this tour. He looked and played so sober.

        Really too bad though

          Funny, I had that feeling he would, seeing him play this tour. He looked and played so sober. Really too bad though

          Had the same feeling after the gig in London. Walking on his own to the venue and didn't look really up to it. At Rockefeller he looked normal.

          Really sad this. Probably the best drummer in Norway


          Very sad… But yes, had this feeling as well seeing him play in Munich….


            yeah, weird, I had this feeling to since I heard in one of the interviews that they lived in different cities (Kenneth in Oslo I think). He was such a force, but then again, so was Geb and I´m sure whoever comes in next will put his own stamp on motorpsycho.

            Sail on Kapstad, Motorpsycho and psychonauts, it´s been a blast! Looking forward to the next phase.

            Always in motion is the future, but motorpsycho great records still make will.

            Krist Rampage

              Awful news. What a fantastic drummer, great guy, what a loss. I saw them at Vera last tour and didn't excpect anything! What show, what a record. And now what?


                I guess/hope they´ll continue to play with each other in Møster! and Spidergawd (or is Bent out of spidergawd for good?)

                Vegard B. Havdal

                  Get Geb back.

                  Get Geb back.



                    OHMYSNAHISGOD. The earth shakes. The knees shiver. The head spins…

                    You want to scream "No, Kenneth, stay!" But with great gratitude we obviously have to let the young greyhound run.


                      So sad news. On this cold rainy morning. Kenneth was (is) not only the perfect drummer, he helped lifting the band to crazy heights for ten years. But oh well… I'm sure Motorpsycho will sail on. Maybe we'll even get a Bent/Snah only record again like BHBC.

                      Hope we'll see Bent & Ken in Spidergawd again.


                        A big thanks to Kenneth, who pushed the band forward to new directions and such exciting heights.

                        Can't wait to see which direction the wheel turns this time.


                          Man i can barely believe it…. This is a sad story… We need to find a drummer who stays with the guys… lol

                          Motorpsycho Sail on …. :STG: ….


                            Sad news obviously. But I guess being in yr mid-30ies, you have to start making priorities

                            considering the gazillion bands/projects mr.Kapstad is involved in. Sail on, brother!

                            I am however a bit concerned with the future MP commitments this year. What will happen with the

                            Trøndelag theater thingy? Or the Brazil project in Aug/Sept?

                            I disagree on bringing Geb back though. He gets his kicks from the Residents-style children's music stuff he's doing w/ mr.Hagfors. Not "endless jam sessions" w/ Bent & Snah.

                            Maybe someone like Thomas Strønen could be the one? Or maybe they should go all Sunn O))) and shit? :lol:

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                          …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994