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      Johnny_Heartfield, thank you, I'm OK, although these yesterday's rockets were pretty close (~4 km from my house) and loud.

      >> Pootin got that wrong as well: the song's called "Rocket to Russia". Take your Rock'n'Roll lessions, man!

      Yeah, I'm pretty sure his musical tastes and overall knowledge in this field suck. Same as everything else about this asshole.

      There is a nice brewery in Lviv (Western Ukraine) called Pravda (Truth).

      One of their beers is called "Putin Huilo" and has awesome cover, that still make me laugh:


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        New band from San Diego, California, that consists of (ex-)members of Astra, Psicomagia, Brian Ellis Group, Joy, Radio Moscow, etc.

        Their debut record is very strong contender for "Prog album of the year" title.

        Birth – 2022 – Born



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          Somali Yacht Club – 2022 – The Space



          3rd album of great psychedelic/stoner-rock band from Lviv, Ukraine.

          In my opinion, this is their best record so far.

          Highly recommended to fans of bands like Elder or King Buffalo.

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            Thank you, guys. I'm OK.

            Yes, there was especially long air raid siren this morning and

            …a missile hit a shoe factory, starting a fire, and two others landed not far from a kindergarten and a residential building. One civilian was killed in this attack, State Emergency Service of Ukraine has reported…


            I live in different part of city ~8 kilometers from that place, so I have't seen or heard it personally.

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              @Johnny_Heartfield, it's still pretty quiet here in Dnipro.

              Our province is relatively safe place at the moment.

              We have air raid sirens (~ 2-5 per day), but that's about it.

              A lot of people joined the army or territorial defense forces not because of the fact of total mobilization, but because they really are brave and have required skills and desire to fight the oppressor.

              A lot of other people help to prepare Molotov's cocktails, camouflage nets, anti-tank barriers; help to buy and deliver all the necessary supplies and goods; help refugees from other provinces; help to do many other important things.

              It really looks like this war united all our people.

              Personally I'm not that brave and don't have skills/expirience to join the military.

              I continue to work at my job as a support programmer (while there is still a possibility for that) in order to help the army and other volunteers/organisations financially (donated already ~3/4 of all my savings).

              I hope that helps as well.


              Very nice article from Spin magazine: https://www.spin.com/2022/03/ukraine-russia-resistance/

              It has a lot of information about current events from underground rock musicians from Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv and other Ukrainian cities.

              Some of their bands (like 5R6, Stoned Jesus or Somali Yacht Club) I even mentioned previously on this forum in "New Music" thread.

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                In case if someone wants and has ability to help:

                1) For humanitarian purposes:


                2) To support Ukrainian Army:


                These are official links of National Bank of Ukraine.

                Both created accounts allow donations in EUR, USD and GBP.

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                  Thank you, guys!

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                    Adequate Ukrainian media: https://english.nv.ua/

                    Adequate Russian media (labeled as "foreign agent" in their country): https://meduza.io/en

                    Obviously, I will not recommend you any pro-putin "official" Russian media – they all are bunch of lying dicks.

                    P.S. I'm from Ukraine (currently live in Dnipro).

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                      >> I want to hear more!

                      There is plenty already on their bandcamp (4 albums + several singles): https://altingun.bandcamp.com/

                      Great band!

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                        One more of these great African bands is Telewawachi Kilili from Spain :).

                        Although they are less into rock and more into jazz/psychedelia.

                        I like their debut album very much.

                        Telewawachi Kilili – 2020 – Otus Scops



                        Tags: ethiopian jazz / funk / psicodelia / world fusion

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                          Another great African band is Songhoy Blues from Mali.


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                            When guys raise their guitars like this starting from ~7:30: :STG: ?

                            I guess you're right.

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                              Kanaan – 2021 – Earthbound



                              Emerging from an ocean of fuzz like a Kyuss that went to jazz school, instrumental power trio Kanaan are ready with their fourth studio album in as many years. The three prolific young musicians are seemingly everywhere on the Norwegian music scene these days, as members of Mall Girl, Daufødt, JUNO and Vegard & Ivar Band. A diverse selection of bands that display the aptitude of the players, as well as their eclectic musical influences.

                              Where Kanaan’s former albums have been jazzy and psychedelic explorations, with forays into kraut and free improvisation, the new album Earthbound comes at you, heavier than a ton of bricks. However, even though they wear their stoner rock influences on their sleeve, the music is not a departure from their earlier projects, more of a continuation.

                              Inspired by bands such as Colour Haze, Hawkwind, Elder, Motorpsycho and Acid Mothers Temple, Earthbound serves up plenty of surprising twists and turns, beautiful and mellow passages and masterful musicianship. Although never flashy, the whole album is a showcase of the three wildly talented musicians as they plow their way through enormous riffs and thunderous grooves.

                              Searching to perfect their hybrid of heavy rock and psychedelic jazz influences, the band isolated themselves in Halden's Athletic Sound studios, working day and night to accomplish what became Earthbound, a quantum leap for their sound in terms of sheer heaviness and psychedelic extravaganza compared to their previous albums.

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                                I wouldn't hesitate a minute – Hypnos 69 will be playing on 09/24 pray.gif.

                                Hypnos 69 is a Belgian cult band with an international reputation that ceased to exist in 2012, but is coming back together especially for this Orange Factory anniversary.

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                                  Care for some prog?

                                  2nd album from the solo project of Stoned Jesus' frontman.

                                  Very good stuff.

                                  Arlekin – 2021 – The Secret Garden



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                                …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994